Time, Space and Waves of Radios

Documenting my journey collecting vintage radio and support equipment.

Newest friend!


unknown manufacturer around 1939

When I came across this one on eBay, I was just window shopping, looking for something that I had not seen before. I was immediately intrigued by its face and I knew that it was not like anything already in my collection. Listed at 24 pounds, I was not sure about paying shipping so I hesitated and the auction closed. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was burned on my brain.


The process of collecting radios is a very deliberate one. Final decisions rely on design, color, manufacturer, materials, and reputation. It reminds me of this idea of picking up every object that you own, one by one and determining if it brings you joy. Only the ones that bring true joy should remain. This is what I call "my collection". Each one has a history of manufacturing, of use and ownership. Hearing stories of their history helps open a window to another time.

My hope is that you will enjoy learning more about these pieces and their history as much as I do.

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